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About Antabuse disulfiram & where to buy Antabuse online

Antabuse Treatment for Alcoholism

Buy Antabuse online and stop drinking. Protect your health!

Alcohol Detox Treatment

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What is Antabuse and what are its uses

Antabuse (Disulfiram) tablets are used to treat alcohol dependence. It is very effective if you are motivated to stop drinking and are willing to take Antabuse drug under supervision as well as participate in counseling programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support groups.

Since in the base of Antabuse effect lies its ability to cause severe reactions when alcohol is imbibed it is considered dangerous to try to fight one’s dependance by it alone without social support. Before you consider to take on Antabuse treatment or to buy Antabuse tablets always consult your doctor first – ask for the specifics of treatment and its possible drawbacks.

How Antabuse Works

Antabuse medication makes changes in the way your body metabolizes alcohol. If you try to drink alcohol while taking Antabuse you will experience uncomfortable symptoms which are commonly explained as ‘heavy hangover symptoms’ including severe nausea vomiting and headache.

Antabuse tablets basically make drinking alcohol a very unpleasant and painful process it does not reduce your craving for alcohol whatsoever making it a battle of will to stop drinking.

Although this may sound extreme a lot of people are willing to buy Antabuse medication and are successfully getting rid of their dependence of all people who have completed the treatment course less than 5% try to drink again.

How to take Antabuse

Antabuse tablets are taken by mouth with or without food usually a 250mg or 500mg dose is taken once daily exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Antabuse tablets can be crushed and mixed with water for easier swallowing.

Do not take Antabuse pills for at least 12 hours after drinking it is extremely important that you avoid every product containing alcohol including alcoholic beverages aftershave lotions mouthwash colognes cough medicines as well as paint cleaning liquid etc. – even a small dose of alcohol can trigger a severe reaction that may endanger your health.

Read labels and descriptions carefully including those of nonprescription products if you buy Antabuse online or buy Antabuse without prescription ask the online pharmacist about the alcohol content in different products if you are uncertain.

Antabuse Side Effects

Antabuse effects from taking it with alcohol are intentionally made unpleasant to help encourage you to remain sober.

Antabuse medication is known to cause the following effects when taken with alcohol:

Throbbing in head and neck severe headache;

Fast heartbeat severe low blood pressure;

Difficulty breathing shortness of breath;

Nausea vomiting stomach pain;

Dizziness confusion blurred vision;

Weakness dry mouth sweating.

When you take Antabuse and do not drink you may feel somewhat drowsy or sleepy. Use caution when you drive taking Antabuse tablets.

It is not advised to take Antabuse if any of the following applies to you ask your doctor for a full list of precautions:

You are pregnant or breast feeding;

You have severe heart lung kidney or liver disease diabetes or psychiatric problems;

You are allergic to Antabuse or to certain kinds of rubber or pesticides (clarify this with your doctor);

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