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The meaning of wild tattoos and wild boar tattoos may differ according to place and time. In the island of Borneo, wild boar tattoos are considered as the symbol of achievement. Traditionally, the family of young boy awards him with a badge of wild boar tattoo, when he successfully hunts a wild boar. It’s an […]

Five Celebrity Fashion Disasters

Even numerous style designers held the see that whilst women’s fashion is volatile and changes year in year out, males’s style tends to differ very small more than the ages. Males’s fashion statement tends to turn about the basic elements of men’s wardrobe like the shirts, trousers, fits and jackets. But even if you are […]

White Tattoos – A Unique Touch

When people want some airbrush tattoo supplies, the first thing they do is to search for the Internet and among all the listed results, the frequently appeared words are airbrush tattoo kits. You got it right, with favorable prices and complete equipment, those kits are definitely your wise choice. For a beginner, tattoo supply are […]